Download official game board here:



There are 4 weeks in the game. The week starts on Sunday. Follow the classes on the board and place your game piece on the classes you attend. Game pieces will be collected at the studio. You will follow the board 4 times, to complete exactly 4 weeks of classes. A week is 7 days.



To win, attend as many classes as you can, as many times as possible, during the month. The grand prize winner will attend the exact classes, the exact number of times as revealed on the winner board. All players can win a 10-Class Pass if they have attended a minimum of 20 classes during the first 28 days of the month.



Attend as many classes on the puzzle as possible to increase odds of winning.

Guess which classes and the exact amount of times you need to attend to be the winner attend those 20 classes before the 28th day of the month. 

Winners must email with a photo of their game pieces in the winning configuration and/or a photo of yourself that we can share with the community, along with first and last name, email address and phone number.

The first winner to email us will win the grand prize.


GRAND PRIZE : $1000 credit applied to student account to be redeemed for yoga and aerial classes.  In the event of multiple winners, prize will be split evenly among winners. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Non-transferable.

Attend at least 20 classes and earn a free 10-CLASS Pass (yoga or aerial) applied to your account. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Non-transferable.

Lucky Yogi  Pass

4 Weeks Unlimited Yoga $99

Purchase online or in-studio.


The Lucky Yogi Pass provides you with access to unlimited yoga and aerial classes throughout the month of March so that you can participate in our Lucky Yogi Challenge. Start using March 1st and expires 30 days from date of first use.

•All sales final. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

•Non-transferable. Cannot be paused or extended for any reason.

•New students must sign the liability waiver prior to entering the studio.

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